HipToulouse 2014

National theather  in Toulouse

Wednesday 17,Thursday 18, Friday 19 september 2014
 Philippe          CHIRON,  Président
 Paul                 BONNEVIALLE, Vice-Président
 Jean-Michel       LAFFOSSE
 Pierre                 DELOBEL
 Pierre                 MANSAT
 Franck                ACCABLED
 Jean-Louis        TRICOIRE
 Bruno                 CHAMINADE
 François             MOLINIER
 Nicolas               REINA
 Etienne               CAVAIGNAC
 Régis                   PAILHE
 Laurent               GEISS
 David                  ANCELIN
 Jérome               MURGIER
 Jean François   COSTE
 Julien                 CAILLIEZ
 Guillaume         KRIN
 Sebastien          CHAPUIS
 Laurent               BEDES
 Xavier                  BAYLE
 Paul                     MAISONGROSSE

Organisé par l’association 1901





Top of Form 1

Dear Friends

The team of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of The Institute of Musculoskeletal ILM device center Pierre Paul Riquet Purpan invites you to participate in the new meeting that we organize in Toulouse on 17, 18 and 19 September 2014.We wish these days to take stock of the state of the art of current issues with internationally recognized experts. The program run on one site presentation conferences and communications allow monitoring of the meeting and its unity. Permanent Simultaneous translation is done in French and English.

HIPToulouse 2014 is a forum for interactive exchange and contradictory on the various themes of hip surgery among which we focused this year :

HIPToulouse 2014 beyond its contribution thematic information wants to be a meeting place where everyone benefits from the experience of all. The charm of our good resolutely southern "Pink City" , the September sun , its welcoming lifestyle should encourage you to share these many times. We put all our energy to make a convivial informative and memorable event.

We invite you all to a gala at the " Space City " where you can see rockets, satellites, run simulations and tests, or you will be welcomed by engineers that will make you watch the sun and moon, or you can view 3D images of fantastic space in two planetariums , or you can dance and eat. Your children are welcome.

 Soon in Toulouse !

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Le vice président

Professeur Paul Bonnevialle

Le président

Professeur Philippe Chiron

- Cervical fractures of the femur

- Periprosthetic fractures

- Update on the usefulness of metalBack

- Offset : impact on the outcome and surgical control

- What diameter for the head ?

- Comparative cost of a standard arthroplasty

- Unequal leg length , actual and apparent members , pre and post operative

- The PTH through inflammatory arthritis and necrosis

- Indications and results of hip prostheses in children

- Total hip arthroplasty for obese

- Clinical cases on bone tumors

- Update on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of necrosis of the femoral head

- Controversy: Is septic THA a time or two ?